Cottage holidays by Lake Längelmävesi right next to Tampere

Beautiful summer, clean and fishy lake, unique nature and comfortable cottage.

The scenery by Lake Längelmävesi invites You to enjoy its green nature and clean waters. We have 20 spacious well-equipped cottages. They are located in the beautiful Solaniemi on the shores of the Koljonselkä area of Lake Längelmävesi 60 km from Tampere. In Solaniemi You can spend Your holidays by the water. You may stay overnight, for a weekend, week or the whole summer in our holiday cottages throughout the year! The cottages are for 2 – 8 persons. Each cottage has its own peace and quiet in the cape of Solaniemi. Cape is 40 hectares.

 Cottages can be reserved in spring, in summer, in autumn and in wintertime. Each cottage has its own peace and quiet.

Solaniemi has it’s own Nature trail nearby the cottages. Trail is about two kilometres long and it goes on the forest in the cape. Holiday Village Solaniemi’s Nature Trail is combination of peacefulness that comes from the forest, beautiful scenerys and relaxing quietness of Finnish nature.

Look more about Holiday Village Solaniemi’s Nature Trail 

During the summer vacation Solaniemi is an unforgettable experience. Here you can take a relaxing swim in the moonlight, cook yourself caught fish from the campfire, watch the campfire flames, feel the saunas exotic healing effect, bake a delicious blueberry pie and feel the nature around you. Let your children run and play joyfully outside and on the beach all day. Here you can let go of the hectic pace and just relax.

Exotic fact about Finland: Late spring and summer nights are white because of the Midnight Sun. Late at night, the sun briefly dips beyond the horizon before rising again, blurring the boundaries between fading night and dawning day.

Our well-equipped cottage, private sauna, sandy beach, boat, campfire and lake scenery will make your holiday complete.

You can fish all over the year and in autumn you can pick berries and mushrooms. You can go hiking and jogging. Autumn is often the best vacation time. Then you can enjoy the amazing colors and breezy weather with a mirror calm lake.

Let the eye and soul rest in the wonderful scenery.

You can also come to Solaniemi in the wintertime. Just a couple of relaxing days in the middle of the polar night or in bright snow banks does wonders for you. In the wintertime it’s fun to go to the sledding hill, ice fishing, and after that in the warm cottage. How nice it is to come inside and warm up with the fireplace, and go to a warm sauna after a nice day in outdoors.

 Experience the silence and exotic finnish nature in the countryside.

The resort Solaniemi you can enjoy the cottage, nature and our services in all seasons. You can come for a week or a weekend, or just a couple of days, you are always welcome!

You can do all kinds of things here, for examble

  • go swimming and rowing
  • go fishing
  • go mushrooming and berry picking
  • go ice-fishing or cross-country skiing
  • Come and enjoy!

In Solaniemi You really can enjoy Your holiday throughout the year!

 Welcome to Solaniemi!

Activities near Holiday Village Solaniemi

Lukkosuo Riding; Ridinglessons, ponys and big horses.  22 km. from the Holiday village Solaniemi.

Ponyland; Open in summertime only. Nice Place to visit with children. Ponys, farm animals and little experienceland outside. 12 km. from the Holiday village Solaniemi.

Activities in town Orivesi; 

Rönni; Dancing, summerevents, summer restaurant and bub. Open daily in the summer. 10km. from the Holiday Village Solaniemi.

 Cafe Herkkuhetki; Delicious lunch, coffee and paistreyshop. in Orivesi centrum.

Restaurant Vallesmanni; Delicious lunchbuffet in Orivesi from  11am to 2pm.

Amusementpark Särkänniemi in Tampere. About one hour drive from Holiday Village Solaniemi

Indoor Activity Park Superpark Särkänniemi Tampere in Tampere. About one hour drive from Holiday Village Solaniemi. Open every day thrue out the year from  11am. to 8pm.

 Muuminmuseum is located in Tampere. One hour drive from Holiday Village Solaniemi

 Purnun and Leporannan  art exhibitions offer a lot of art  to see in the summer. Both of these are located in Orivesi quite near to Holiday Village Solaniemi.

 Serlachius-museums Mänttä. Stories and art combine in to one in changing art exhibitions in Mänttä. Beautiful art, scenery and food only 40 minutes drive from Holiday Village Solaniemi.

 Finnish Nature activities: Nationalpark Isojärvi Suitable for visitors of all ages all year. The terrain is difficult at places. No services for visitors with mobility difficulties. 30km from Solaniemi.

 Skicenters Himos and Sappee, only 50 km from Solaniemi

City of Orivesi here you can look forexample shopping-places and sights of Orivesi.

City of Tampere look here more activities, sights and shopping-possibilies in Tampere